Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Online Live Dealer Casino Games Blog Featured Image

Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Online Live Dealer Casino Games

Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Online Live Dealer Casino Games Blog

The casino scene has well and truly entered its golden age. Rarely does a day pass without a new invention to spice up a casino industry that’s already one of the most vibrant scenes today. The arrival of online casino games took the entertainment world by storm in 1995. Since then, the industry has welcomed mobile gaming, 24/7 live chat support, AI, Virtual Reality, blockchain, and more. For its part, live dealer gaming is a way to bring an authentic casino experience closer to the online gambler. It is in keeping with many other modern services, such as food delivery and medical courier. Live dealer casinos cater to an excellent customer base.

These gamblers crave a more bona fide casino experience but would instead not physically visit a land-based establishment. See, a live dealer game is not like a regular casino game. As the name suggests, a live dealer includes a real-life human dealer conducting the play rather than leaving it up to a computer or AI. The space is from an actual casino room where there may be other gamblers. Players at the casino and online (via live chat) can interact directly with the dealer, who offers intelligent conversation to enrich the experience further. So why should anyone try a live dealer game, or why not? Read on.

Live Dealer Gaming Advantages


As mentioned, a live dealer game is far from a regular online casino game. Typical online games rely on imagery and multimedia generated by computers. On the other hand, the shuffle machines, card decks, roulette tables, etc., that you’ll see on a live dealer game screen are authentic. Also genuine is the live human assisting and coordinating your gameplay. They’ll announce wins, shuffle cards, and call games as they would at a brick-and-mortar casino. The live dealer experience bridges the gap between playing from home and at the venue.

The Social Experience

Regular online casino games have their advantages, of course. However, those games are usually solitary affairs involving the player and a computer, making for a lonely experience. Live dealer games are great options for people who prefer a social environment but would still instead stay in their homes to visit a casino. With a live dealer casino game, the punter has a sure interaction with at least one human – the dealer. In addition, other players will usually join in from wherever they are, and there might be human players at the casino location. Should you be lucky enough to clinch a good win, other humans will cheer you on or cheer you up should things go south.

Live Dealer Gaming Disadvantages

Streaming Challenges

It may surprise you, but not everyone can boast access to high-quality internet, even today. For one, such an internet connection – capable of transmitting HD or 4K live video – can be expensive. Also, we can’t assume that every country or state has seen technological advancement to offer such top-quality connectivity to its residents. The result of trying to stream a live dealer game on a connection that can’t handle the heavy 4K video is that the transmission may experience attenuation or be lost entirely. The sound, too, may lag and break.

High Minimums

Hosting live dealer casino games has significant overheads for the casino owner. It’s almost like combining the expenses of a regular brick-and-mortar casino with those of an online one. It means that to offer players the lifelike experience of a casino, live dealer casinos usually charge higher minimum bets than regular online games. Ultimately, many punters may not have the budget to enjoy live dealer gaming.