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James Bond Betting System In Roulette

James Bond Betting System In Roulette Blog

The suave master spy, James Bond, is almost as famous as roulette. What’s more, this character is known to be very passionate about this game. As such, it should come as little surprise that his preferred system for playing this casino game has gained so much fame and renown. Do you want to know how to play like the Queen’s foremost secret agent? We know you do!

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How To Use The James Bond Betting Strategy

This betting strategy is one of the precious few flat betting systems out there today. When playing with the James Bond betting system, you need to place the same amount as your wager on every spin. In its unadulterated form, bettors are supposed to place an equivalent of £200 on each spin. However, this might not be practical enough for most punters. So, we suggest you start with a match of £20, at least until you get a better hang of the system. To begin, here’s how you place your bet.

  • Bet £14 on numbers 19 to 36.
  • Bet £5 online bet 13-14-15-16-17-18.
  • Bet £1 on 0.

As a point of note, make sure you never use this on American Roulette! Only use the James Bond betting system on European Roulette. It is because it’s only then that the bets you placed above give you 25 of the slots on the wheel. Consequently, you give yourself a two-thirds chance of winning! As such, the only possible outcome of your wager is;

  • When the ball lands on 19-36, you get £8.
  • When the ball lands on 13-18, you get £10.
  • When the ball lands on 0, you get £16.

However, when the ball lands on 1-12, the areas you didn’t cover with the bets you placed above, you lose your wager.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The James Bond Betting System

The most crucial benefit of using this tactic is that it helps you place bets that comprehensively cover significant portions of the board. It also helps that it’s straightforward to play. However, because it gives you numbers to bet on, this style of play might come off as somewhat restrictive to some bettors. And, just like with betting systems like the Martingale, it opens you to the possibility of losing your bankroll before you win back your money. Lastly, this betting strategy doesn’t help you beat the house edge.

Best Tips to Remember

Before you start putting hard-earned money into this betting strategy, make sure that you understand it in its entirety. Also, before you enter any session, ensure that you’ve set ceilings for everything from your losses to your wins and stakes. Lastly, never use more than you can afford to lose to bet.


From the novels to the big screen, James Bond has become a dearly beloved character, so it’s only expected that people will draw inspiration from him. Used right, this betting strategy can help you win big!