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Legendary Malaysian Badminton Players & Their Unforgettable Achievements

Legendary Malaysian Badminton Players Blog

Where most other countries have soccer, tennis, baseball, or even hockey, Malaysia has badminton, and the Southeast Asian country has proven that they’re one of the world’s best at this game. Naturally, the fame and renown that the country boasts in this space is a product of the effort and remarkable results of many of its finest players. Let’s look at the top 5 Malaysian badminton players of all time and their best performances.

Here we go!

Top 5 Malaysian Badminton Players Of All Time And Their Best Performances

Malaysia has been competing favorably (and winning) in badminton on the international stage since as far back as the 1940s. It tells you they have a long list of highly skilled players. As a result, it’s tough to pick out the very best of what has been a generally good crop of badminton players. However, we’ll be powering through this and giving you our take. At the top of this list is:

One – Lee Chong Wei

Malaysia had a reputation for being a tough nut to crack in badminton long before Lee Chong Wei came along, true. But with 3 Olympic silver medals, 12 Malaysia Open titles, and tons of successful Commonwealth games and titles under his belt, how can this man NOT make the top of this list? He is a skilled and hardworking player with a record of outstanding performances, so we would be doing him a disservice to pick just one. We will select all of his 40 outings against his rival Lin Dan. Each game was breathtaking and brought out the best in Lee Chong Wei.

Two – Rashid Sidek

Remember we said there were legends before Lee Chong Wei came along? Well, Rashid Sidek is one of the best of them. This individual has made a mark on Malaysia’s badminton space both as a player and a coach. This badminton player’s best game was in the 1992 Thomas Cup final, where he pulled out all the stops to help Malaysia win 3-2 over Indonesia.

Three – Goh V Shem

Suppose you’re looking for another Malaysian badminton player who hardly puts a foot wrong. In that case, you must tip your hat to Goh V Shem. Ever calm under pressure and notorious for his quick and precise decision-making, it’s no surprise he became a household name so quickly. His best performance is arguably his 2014 Thomas Cup outing, where he partnered with Tan Wee Klong.

Four – Misbun Sidek

This Banting-born player is one of those who helped Malaysia craft its image as a fierce contender in badminton in the 1980s. He gave the country a bronze medal in the 1980 World Championships in his active years on the field. The tournament was in Jakarta. Now a coach, he’s hailed for bringing out the best in budding players. His best performance was against Indonesia’s reigning champion, Liem Swie King, who he defeated in 1981.

Five – Goh Liu Ying

Partnered with Chan Peng Soon, Goh became the first Malaysian mixed doubles pair to make it to the All England Open final in over six decades in 2017. Her playing history has similar groundbreaking successes. While she and her partner ultimately lost that game, arguably, Goh’s best outing was against Cheng Wen-Hsing and Chen Hung-Ling in the Australian Open finals in 2012.


The above are some of the best badminton players that Malaysia has produced so far. Their gameplay, skill, and fortitude are admirable and worthy of emulation.