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Mastering Avalon II: Strategies For Conquering The Quest And Winning

Mastering Avalon II Blog

Most sequels tend to be a letdown when compared to their predecessors. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve come to accept that reality. It is why it’s always such a joy and pleasure to find sequels that don’t only do the series justice but are outstanding in their own right. Everyone feared the worst when word broke that Microgaming’s Avalon was getting a sequel. Back then, we felt the game could do without it. Avalon was perfect in every way, and seeing how to improve that perfection was tough. Then Avalon IIThe Quest for The Grail launched in 2014, and we were more than happy to eat those words. Here’s what you need to get the best out of this fantastic game!

The Complete Guide To Avalon II

Before we get into how to crack and enjoy the delicious nut that is Avalon IIThe Quest for The Grail, let’s take a moment to review the basics of the slot game.

Avalon II – Basic Features To Note

Like its name, this centers on the dark ages and medieval themes. So, in keeping with that theme, punters can expect ample amounts of magic and mystery throughout the game. With a 97% Return to Player rate, five reels, and 243 pay lines, this Microgaming sensation gives you all to play for. The maximum wager the game allows is £30, the payouts’ cap at 120 000 coins, and you have the opportunity to 500x your wins. You also get access to a normal Jackpot and tons of bonus rounds. Let’s check how to make the most of these features now.

How To Complete Avalon II Quest And Win Big In Bonus Games Easily

Get the best of this game when you successfully activate the Holy Grail feature. Professional punters actively hunt for this feature because it offers access to 8 different bonus games to increase your winnings. To access the unique perks of this feature, a bettor only needs to ensure that they get three scatter symbols (the Holy Grail) to appear anywhere on their screen simultaneously in a single spin. Naturally, this is easier said than done. Things that a bettor can do not only to increase the chances of landing the needed number of scatter symbols is to place the largest bet size that they can on each spin.

Winning The Bonus Games

When it comes to beating bonus rounds like the Legend Bonus, the task is simple – try to collect the pieces of the magical sword, Excalibur. The more fragments of this mythical item you can gather, the higher your multiplier goes!


Sure, this game is nearly a decade old. But in terms of concept, execution, and the size of rewards that it offers, it was released just yesterday. This game is a hoot; you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it yet.