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Optimizing Your Live Betting Profits

Optimizing Your Live Betting Profits blog

It’s sports betting season, and punters need all the help they can get to beat the bookmaker and secure that profit. Thankfully, modern sportsbooks have introduced, in addition to many new betting markets, the Live Betting markets that enables punters to place bets during a sporting event. Below are two big strategies for reaping maximum benefits from Live Betting.

Tip #1: Catching The Game’s a Must

Yes, catch the game, and then you can catch one or two crucial pieces of information contributing to making a winning prediction. The whole object of live betting markets is so the punter can see things that are often not apparent pre-match. For instance, take the 2023 Champions League final, played between favorites Manchester City and Inter Milan. One of the reasons that made City the favorites is having some of the best players in the world, including midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and striker Erling Haaland. Both started the game but, unexpectedly, never had any telling impact on the outcome. De Bruyne, the primary source of creativity in the City team, fell to injury and had to be substituted early in the game.

On the other hand, Haaland, widely regarded as the best goalscorer in the world, didn’t have a good match and, from the patterns of play, never seemed likely to score a goal. Given the gulf in class between the two teams, one might forgive for expecting a high-scoring affair where Man City would win by two or three goals at least. But from watching proceedings on the actual field of play, a good punter might’ve realized that this was not going to be the case because of the solid defensive setup employed by Inter to thwart the Man City attack. Also, De Bruyne’s premature withdrawal early in the first half would have reduced City’s attacking impetus – and indeed it did, with City scoring just a single goal in the second half to win just 1-0. Those sharp-eyed punters who could read the game’s flow benefitted with goals under/over bets, picking the highly profitable Under 1.5 and 2.5 options. Another excellent choice – a proposition bet in this case – would have been Haaland Not To Score, to infer how keenly he had been marked by the opposing defense, limiting him to just a handful of low-quality scoring chances. These opportunities are only possible because of one thing: LIVE BETTING. Most importantly, a punter who gives himself a chance to gain additional can only use helpful information by watching the game. So if you can’t afford to travel and watch the match live, at least turn on the TV.

Tip #2: React Promptly

The second most important way a punter can make live betting work for them is to be sharp – at least more potent than their bookmaker. As events unfold on the field of play, the bookie will adjust odds dynamically to reflect the situation. For instance, if Team A is awarded a penalty in a goalless game, the probability of Team A winning will increase, lowering the betting odds for a Team A win. If the punter can react quickly enough, however, they may be able to grab the higher odds before the adjustments, leading to a more profitable live betting exercise.

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