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Soccer is an exciting game, so it’s only to be expected in exciting ways. While the good old 1X2 betting market can be thrilling in its own right, sportsbooks have done a lot to improve on it extensively. One of the products of their efforts is spread betting. Here’s everything you should know about this betting market!

Spread Betting In Soccer

Not to be confused with betting on the point spread, this is one betting system that gives punters a chance to cash out, regardless of which side wins or loses the fixture. This betting market is similar to Asian Handicaps betting in that your Return on Investment heavily depends on how precise you can make your wagers. So, the more accurate your bets are, the more you win. But the more off-target they fall, the more you lose. Here’s how it works.

Soccer Spread Betting In Action

Simply put, this market requires you to wager on the range of specific metrics in a football game. Here, an online sportsbook will typically estimate where the variable will fall. If you agree with that prediction or feel it will be higher, you “Buy” that bet. However, if you have reason to believe that the happenings in the game will fall below that spread, “Sell.” For example, your favorite online bookmaker might expect the total number of throw-ins in a fixture to be 19 or 20. In this case, they’ll set their spread at 19-20. If you think that’s correct, you can “Buy” $20 a point at 19.

What you’ve essentially done here is set a lower limit for the total number of throw-ins in the game. So, for every throw-in that occurs in the match after throw-in #19, you get $20. However, if only 17 throw-ins happened, you’ll lose the difference between the value of the lower limit you set multiplied by the size of your stake. Vice versa applies when you “Sell.”

The Types Of Spread Betting Available In Soccer Betting

You have tons of options here. These include but aren’t limited to:

Goal Lines Spread Betting

These spread betting wagers usually appear as -0.5 goals, except for instances where there’s a clear favorite in the mix. In this instance, it can stretch as high as -1.5 or -2.5. In this betting market, they must win their match when you wager on the team assigned the negative figure. However, should you bet on the team with the positive figure, it means that your chosen side must win, lose or draw by that positive value.

Betting Totals Spread Betting

Similarly to goal-line spread betting, betting totals require you to place wagers on goals. The one noteworthy difference here is that you’ll be wagering on whether the total number of goals in the fixture will fall under or above the spread.

PK Spread Betting

PK is short for “pick ‘em.” In reality, it doesn’t operate like the conventional spread betting market, as it’s a fixed odds outright bet.

Most Commonly Used Statistics In Spread Betting

Statistics Description
Goal Difference This statistic measures the difference between the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded by a team. It can provide an indication of a team’s overall performance and their ability to win matches by a large margin.
Home and Away Form This statistic measures a team’s performance at home and away from home. Teams tend to perform better at home, so it is important to consider this factor when placing spread bets.
Head-to-Head Records This statistic measures the historical performance of two teams against each other. It can provide valuable insight into the potential outcome of a match and help inform spread betting decisions.
Team Form This statistic measures a team’s recent performance over a number of matches. It can provide an indication of a team’s current form and their ability to win matches.
Player Statistics This statistic measures the performance of individual players, including their goals scored, assists, and other key metrics. It can help inform spread betting decisions on markets such as goalscorer or player performance.


Getting the hang of spread betting market isn’t easy, but it’s possible if you do the work. You need to know all about how the market operates and start slow. With the tips we’ve offered here, you’re good to go!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Spread Betting

Soccer spread betting is a type of betting where the bookmaker predicts a range of outcomes for a particular match and the bettor bets on whether they think the outcome will be above or below the bookmaker's prediction.
Soccer spread betting works by predicting the outcome of a match and then betting on whether the outcome will be above or below the bookmaker's prediction. The bettor wins or loses money based on the accuracy of their prediction.
The advantages of soccer spread betting include the potential for higher payouts compared to traditional fixed-odds betting, the ability to bet on a wider range of outcomes, and the ability to trade positions during the match.
The risks of soccer spread betting include the potential for high losses if the bettor's prediction is inaccurate, the need to monitor the match closely to manage positions, and the possibility of market volatility.
Some tips for successful soccer spread betting include doing your research, staying up-to-date on team news and injuries, managing your positions carefully, and using a disciplined and consistent approach.
To get started with soccer spread betting, you can choose a reputable bookmaker that offers spread betting markets, create an account, and start placing bets on your chosen matches. It is important to start with small stakes and gradually increase your bets as you gain experience and confidence.