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Most punters love taking Goalscorer bets because it’s a medium-risk betting endeavor. Yet another thing that works in favor of this betting market is that it’s versatile and can be pretty profitable. Here is what you need to operate in this space in soccer betting!

What Is Goalscorer Betting?

The Goalscorer betting market offers odds on all players selected to appear in a soccer event. It applies whether the player starts the match on the field or the bench. The odds assigned to each player will typically vary, depending on their recent form, the position of play, and goal-scoring prowess. You place a Goalscorer bet by selecting which player you think will find the back of the net. Should your chosen player score, they will pay you. Goalscorer betting comes in various forms. Sometimes, specific parameters are for the Goalscorer bet. At other times, they aren’t. Here’s more on that.

The Types Of Goalscorer Bet Markets To Know

There are several spins that an online gaming platform can put on this type of action. Some of the most popular ones include:

The First Goalscorer Bet Market

As the name suggests, the first Goalscorer bet involves a punter placing a wager on which player they think will open the scoring in a football event. Most bookies offer higher betting odds for the first Goalscorer than the classic Goalscorer. The former is more particular and doesn’t allow as much room for error. Naturally, if your player doesn’t score as predicted, you forfeit your wager. However, in recent things, bookies have offered punters insurance on these types of bets. Leveraging this option, you’re allowed to win your stake back if the player you picked doesn’t score the first goal but later finds the back of the net.

First To Score For Their Team Bet Market

In this betting market, a punter gets to pick which player on a particular side will score for their team first. Similar to the first Goalscorer we just discussed, the difference is that the first player to score for their team doesn’t necessarily have to be the first person to net in the match. In light of that, the odds offered here are lesser than those given for the first Goalscorer.

Last Goalscorer Bet Market

Here, you’re betting on which player will score the last goal of a football fixture. Because it’s pretty specific in its requirements, it offers betting odds as high as you’d find in the First Goalscorer market. You only win this wager if your selected player was the last person to score in regular time. Though.

Bottom Line

The Goalscorer bet market can be fun and exciting. But you must work to ensure you make the right decisions here. Always consider factors like the form, record, and fatigue level of all the players involved before you place bets.


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Goalscorer betting is a type of wagering on a particular player to score a goal during a football match. This type of betting typically offers higher odds than traditional match result betting.
There are several types of goalscorer bets available, including first goalscorer, last goalscorer, anytime goalscorer, and to score 2 or more goals.
To place a goalscorer bet, you must first select the player you believe will score a goal during the match. Then, you select the goalscorer betting market and enter your stake. The potential payout is calculated automatically, and the bet is placed once you confirm the bet slip.
Goalscorer betting offers the potential for higher odds and payouts than traditional match result betting. It also adds an extra level of excitement to the match, as you are rooting for a particular player to score a goal.
The main risk of goalscorer betting is that the player you have selected may not score a goal during the match, resulting in a loss. Additionally, some players may be more likely to score than others, making it challenging to predict which player will score a goal.
The potential payout for goalscorer bets varies depending on the player selected and the type of bet placed. Generally, the odds for first and last goalscorer bets are higher than anytime goalscorer bets, and the potential payout increases with the odds and the stake.
Yes, goalscorer bets can be combined with other types of bets, such as match result, handicap, or over/under bets, to create an accumulator bet.
One common strategy for goalscorer betting is to select a player who is in good form and likely to score, rather than relying on high-profile players who may be less likely to score. It's also essential to consider the team's playing style and formation, as well as the opposition's defensive strengths and weaknesses, when selecting a player to bet on.