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Tennis is a sport loved by millions worldwide, and you only have to see a good game once to understand why that is the case. With just two players in the mix, the action is simple enough for even people new to the game to follow. At the same time, there’s such intricacy and depth to the gameplay that it also satisfies veteran lovers of the sport. If you want to start betting on the world of fuzzy balls, racquets, and nets, here are some things you should know!

Best Tips For Beginner Tennis Betting

Even though the sport might be simple enough to follow, things change a little regarding betting on it. As such, if you want to make sure you don’t simply deplete your bankroll, there are some things you have to do. These include:

Understand The Rules Of The Game

It is a non-negotiable variable. While you can enjoy viewing the sporting event without understanding what’s happening, the situation changes if you plan on putting money into a game. It is why the first thing you need to know is to understand how things work in the sport. Make sure you grasp elements like scoring here, a Deuce and Advantage, Walkovers, and a “Set.” You should also know about Tie Breakers.

Deploy Bankroll Management Practices Here

You’re just starting here. It means that one thing must take precedence over scoring a big win in this tennis; protecting your precious bankroll. Because you don’t have significant experience in this area, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose more than you profit, especially at first. However, you can soften that blow by ensuring you practice proper bankroll management and never wager more than you can afford to lose. And, even when you’ve found your feet in tennis betting, it’s still ideal to follow these practices as this will better hone how you play and help you get more value out of each wager.

Limit Your Reach

There are many betting markets that you can explore in this space. It is all the more reason to watch where you tread carefully. One practical recommendation here would be to bet on fixtures with players you’re more familiar with. Doing so may help you account for other factors with a greater degree of accuracy.

Consider Betting On New Talents

Few games boast as many upsets as tennis. You can use that to your advantage. Consider researching up-and-coming players. Look at what they offer and determine if they have what it takes to pull off that offset that’ll make you a winner. When you perfect this skill, you’ll be able to score one big payday after the other!

Tennis Betting Types

Betting Types Descriptions
Match Betting This type of betting involves betting on which player will win the match.
Handicap Betting Handicap betting involves giving one player a head start in the match. For example, a bettor may bet on a player to win with a +2.5 handicap, meaning that player would need to win by at least three games to win the bet.
Total Games Betting Total games betting involves betting on the total number of games played in the match by both players combined. Bettors can bet on whether the total will be over or under a certain number set by the bookmaker.
Set Betting Set betting involves betting on the winner of a set, with the first player to win a specified number of sets winning the match.
Outright Winner This type of betting involves betting on the winner of a tournament or championship, rather than individual matches.
Live Betting Live betting involves betting on a match while it is in progress, with odds and markets updating in real-time based on the current score and match conditions.


Since you’re just starting your journey in tennis betting, you will likely hit a few hiccups. However, if you stay the course and keep practicing, your skill level will undoubtedly increase, and you’ll be able to make more spot-on bets!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is a type of sports betting where the bettor places bets on the outcome of tennis matches or tournaments.
Tennis betting works by placing bets on a range of outcomes, including which player will win the match, which player will cover the point spread, or the total number of games played in the match.
The advantages of tennis betting include the potential for high payouts, the excitement of watching the match while betting on the outcome, and the opportunity to apply knowledge and skill to make informed betting decisions.
The risks of tennis betting include the possibility of losing money if the bettor is not careful, the need to make quick decisions based on limited information, and the possibility of sudden changes in the match that can impact the outcome.
Some tips for successful tennis betting include doing your research on the players, head-to-head records, and match conditions, setting a budget and sticking to it, and using a disciplined and consistent approach to betting.
To get started with tennis betting, you can choose a reputable bookmaker that offers tennis betting markets, create an account, and start placing bets on your chosen matches or tournaments. It is important to start with small stakes and gradually increase your bets as you gain experience and confidence.