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There’s no doubt that sports like soccer and basketball are profitable and hugely popular. But the heavily punter-saturated clime that comes with that fame mightn’t sit well with all bettors. That’s why you may be out looking for an equally profitable yet lesser-known market. For this, we’re happy to present you with rugby betting! Here are the essential things to remember before delving into this space!

Rugby Betting – All You Need To Know

A game of rugby is one where two teams meet in a sports event and try to outscore each other. “Tries” are scored in this game when one team manages to get the ball over the team’s defensive line. “Points” are claimed via penalties. In these cases, a player (known as a kicker) has to score a point between a set of posts. This game has garnered a more decent following in many parts of the world. However, most people (and, by extension, punters) don’t know much about it. So, it’s a ripe field for finding value and making huge wins.

Decisions to Make Before Getting Into Rugby Betting

If you’re serious about making easy money here, you’ve got some tough choices. We’ll be highlighting the most important ones now.

Choosing Rugby Union Or Rugby League

A few punters who manage to find this space run for the hills because of this issue. The main reason for this is because, while they may appear similar, Rugby League and Rugby Union aren’t the same. As such, if you don’t account for the fundamental differences between these two before making a wager, you’ll likely only end up losing money. Consequently, you must make sure you intimately understand Rugby Union and Rugby League before placing a single wager here.

Choosing To Leverage In-Play Rugby Betting And Live Streams

Like with its more famous counterparts, you can increase what you stand to win in rugby exponentially should you delve into the in-play betting market. Of course, in-play betting has its benefits, as you’ll be able to read the flow of the game more distinctly, helping you make more accurate decisions. The fact that many bookies offer the service freely makes it even better. But, it would help if you were sure that you’d got a good background knowledge and instinct for the game before you play like this.

Choosing Fixed Odds Or Exchange Betting

Fixed odds are the traditional betting process where, once you’ve tendered your bet, it remains firm and rooted, no matter what happens afterward. Exchange betting follows a stock exchange paradigm where the odds fluctuate, and you can sell your bet at any point. Each approach has pros and cons, so think it through carefully.

Rugby Betting Types

Betting Types Descriptions
Match Betting This type of betting involves betting on which team will win the match.
Handicap Betting Handicap betting involves giving one team a head start in the match. For example, a bettor may bet on a team to win with a +10.5 handicap, meaning that team would need to win by at least 11 points to win the bet.
Total Points Betting Total points betting involves betting on the total number of points scored in the match by both teams combined. Bettors can bet on whether the total will be over or under a certain number set by the bookmaker.
First Scoring Play First scoring play betting involves betting on which team will score first, or the type of play that will result in the first score, such as a try or penalty kick.
Outright Winner This type of betting involves betting on the winner of a tournament or championship, rather than individual matches.
Live Betting Live betting involves betting on a match while it is in progress, with odds and markets updating in real-time based on the current score and match conditions.

Bottom Line

Rugby betting is fun and exciting. It comes with excellent rewards too. But to get the best that it offers, you must be deliberate with your actions.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Rugby Betting

Rugby betting is a type of sports betting where the bettor places bets on the outcome of rugby matches or tournaments.
Rugby betting works by placing bets on a range of outcomes, including which team will win the match, which team will cover the point spread, or the total number of points scored in the match.
The advantages of rugby betting include the potential for high payouts, the excitement of watching the match while betting on the outcome, and the opportunity to apply knowledge and skill to make informed betting decisions.
The risks of rugby betting include the possibility of losing money if the bettor is not careful, the need to make quick decisions based on limited information, and the possibility of sudden changes in the match that can impact the outcome.
Some tips for successful rugby betting include doing your research on the teams, players, and match conditions, setting a budget and sticking to it, and using a disciplined and consistent approach to betting.
To get started with rugby betting, you can choose a reputable bookmaker that offers rugby betting markets, create an account, and start placing bets on your chosen matches or tournaments. It is important to start with small stakes and gradually increase your bets as you gain experience and confidence.