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Effective Cricket Betting Tactics For The Indian Premier League (IPL)

Effective Cricket Betting Tactics For The Indian Premier League Blog

India is one cricket-mad country that has sparked the development of a top-notch, professional cricket league – the Indian Premier League. As a competition that offers high-quality cricket action – perhaps the world’s best – the IPL commands a vast TV audience, with local and domestic fans tuning in to watch the games. But it’s not just the impressive viewership. The Indian Premier League is also a rich betting action source, ensuring bettors have plenty of options when placing cricket wagers. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of simple IPL betting tips to improve the profitability of your cricket gambling.

Spread Your Betting Net Far And Wide

There’s a temptation in sports betting – not just cricket – for punters to over-focus on their favorite teams and favorite athletes. This may be understandable from a psychological perspective – we all want to support our teams and believe in their capability to do well on the pitch. However, from a betting perspective, this is a huge pitfall. Not only is it impossible for one’s teams/athletes to succeed all the time, but concentrating on just one team means one may miss out on the lucrative betting opportunities other teams offer. Betting odds and probabilities are two of the best considerations that should guide an IPL cricket punter. In other words, wager not with your heart but with your mind.

Find Better Odds

This point is similar to considering other teams apart from one’s favorite, as elucidated above. Some punters are incredibly committed to one or two bookmakers, so much so that they never stop to consider what other betting providers might offer. Sportsbooks can sometimes offer wildly different betting odds on the same IPL event. Therefore, it pays to look around the Internet for the best IPL cricket betting odds rather than just gobbling up what is served by one bookie. To this end, two tools can be beneficial:

  • Having accounts with multiple IPL sportsbooks – to quickly take advantage of the most rewarding odds.
  • Signing up with an odds comparison service – to quickly spot which bookie offers the best odds.

Regarding betting odds, no one would begrudge a punter being disloyal to a sportsbook. Simply put, whichever bookie offers the highest profit potential takes the cake.

Think Beyond The Moneyline

There are two major reasons why a good punter should only sometimes stick to outright-winner bets. For one, predicting winners in IPL cricket betting is not the easiest, especially when the teams are very well-matched. And even when there’s a clear favorite and underdog, how many teams have we seen the less fancied team pull off a crazy upset? The answer is PLENTY of times. The second reason is that, especially when dealing with an underdog vs. favorite scenario, moneyline bets are not all that profitable. It’s quite easy to understand why – if the bookie finds it easy to predict the stronger team winning a match, they won’t offer big odds for that bet. Ultimately, focusing on the moneyline forces the punter to place wagers with low profitability potential without diminishing the risk of losing the bet. On the other hand, there are various alternative IPL cricket betting markets to choose from, offering far better profits than the outright winner. They include over/under, top batsman, top bowler, method of first dismissal, and many more.