Proven Sports Betting Bankroll Management Systems


If you can’t make the most of your bankroll, your career is effectively over as a bettor! If you were unexpectedly wiped out a few times last year, you’d likely know what we’re talking about. But things can change this year! It would help if you took a moment to see what you could be doing better and take the necessary steps to set the right things in motion. Most of the bettors who made it big in sports in 2022 owe it all to their bankroll management. After all, what would they have won with otherwise? If you want to be like them, here is all you need to know!

Bankroll Management – All You Need To Know

Bankroll management is a relatively recent development in the betting world. It’s also relatively simple to implement. The most important thing is to have the self-control and discipline to stick to your decisions. You have to decide the amount you plan to bet with and how you intend to place your bets. Finally, you make sure you never deviate from this plan! Now that you know what bankroll management is let’s look at some of the best bankroll management systems that worked wonders in 2022!

Bankroll Management Strategy 1 – The Percentage Wager

We highly recommend this particular system if you’re still new to betting. It involves you taking stock of your bankroll and selecting a percentage of it to become your constant betting unit. For example, if you have a thousand in your bankroll, you can choose to bet only 1% of it at a time. It means you’ll be betting no more than $10 at any given time. However, you can make this margin slightly higher if you’re betting on a favorite. This benefit is that you’ll last longer in the game than many of your counterparts!

Bankroll Management Strategy 2 – The Kelly Method

If you have a more solid grasp of sports betting, then you might want to consider the Kelly Criterion. You use this system by assessing two variables; the likelihood of an outcome and the betting odds offered by the sportsbook. The formula for this system is;

(Probability of Outcome) x Odds – 1 = Value

You then convert the figure into percentage form, and you bet that portion of your bankroll. While this bankroll management system does take a little getting used to, there’s no doubt that it has its perks. It remains the most efficient way of finding value in sports betting. Of course, as with all things, be sure to use this bankroll tactic with a healthy dose of common sense!

The Best Place To Practice Bankroll Management Systems

We did a little looking around and discovered that you use these strategies to influence their efficacy up to a point where you use these strategies. For instance, we found that when we used the Kelly Criterion on platforms like, the favorable odds they offered made our bets more valuable! And, because of the other bonus features we were able to leverage to complement this on the platform, our bankroll grew! So when using bankroll management systems, make sure you do so in the most favorable environment possible.