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Types Of Sports Betting Systems

Types Of Sports Betting System Blog

The argument can be made that there are as many sports betting systems as sports. Most of these strategies fall into two broad categories for brass tacks. We’ll be discussing these two major types of sports betting systems forthwith.

Just What Are Sports Betting Systems?

Before breaking down what these types of strategies are, it pays to know what betting systems are in the first place. A sports betting system is a pattern of wagering you follow on sports events. Also known as staking formulas or staking plans, these tactics guide your hand when betting with the only aim of helping you increase your wins and decrease your losses. The two types of betting systems are:

1. Negative Progression Betting Systems

These systems require that a sports bettor increase their wager by a particular value after each time they lose. While this might seem ludicrous at first, its reason is pretty sound, at least on paper. You can make up for what you lost with relative ease if you double your wager after a loss and win the subsequent bet.

Examples Of This Type of Betting System

Pros And Cons Of Negative Progression Betting Systems

The significant advantage of using this betting strategy is that it isn’t as aggressive as its counterparts. Also, it’s relatively straightforward. On the downside, the odds never change, and it’s all too easy to incur a lot of loss quickly. Also, because it’s a slow burner, you may have to wait a while before you can make a real profit with this system.

2. Positive Progression Betting Systems

Earlier, there was a discussion of the exact opposite. Sports bettors have to increase their wager after every win instead of after a loss. Sports bettors traditionally use these betting systems to capitalize on a winning streak.

Examples Of This Type Of Betting System

Pros And Cons Of Positive Progression Betting Systems

This betting system’s immediate benefit exponentially increases the thrill and excitement of sports betting. Also, it allows you to earn more and grow your bankroll. That being said, one poor stroke of luck can empty your bankroll. These systems encourage the risk of addiction, meaning you need to be extremely careful when using them.

Other Forms Of Sports Betting Systems

Some popular betting systems that don’t fall in either category described above are:

Which Betting System Is The Best?

There’s no clear-cut winner here. As you’ve seen, they all have solid merits and demerits, making it difficult to choose between them. Which way you swing should be determined by your bankroll and your preferred style of sports betting.