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Roulette Strategy Fallacies

Roulette Strategy Fallacies Blog

It’s one thing to play the game of roulette. It’s another thing entirely to play AND enjoy the experience of playing. If you want the latter and not the former, there are things you need to know. The roulette scene is peppered with information, much of which isn’t true! We’ll be busting the myths of some of the most popular roulette fallacies here.

1. Online Roulette Is a Rigged Game

It is undeniably the most popular of all the rumors. You don’t have to look far to find message boards filled with punters ranting bitterly about how online playing roulette is a waste of time and money. Why do they do this? It is because they lost the game! Now, when you’re playing on a platform for years and have approval from all the necessary regulatory bodies, saying the online roulette is rigged is nothing more than a joke. We and all other reputable casinos would never even consider rigging the game because there’s no way such action is favorable. To start with, if we rigged games and bettors found out, they’d stop betting with us. But more than this, such action is equivalent to a criminal offense, and it carries grievous penalties. What’s more, there’s no reason at all to do this because casinos make a massive profit as it is!

2. Roulette Wheels Have Memories

Another prevalent misconception among bettors is that the roulette wheel has a memory. Such a belief isn’t only untrue, but it’s also potentially dangerous. It is because it leads you away from making decisions based on facts. Always remember that each spin of the wheel is entirely independent of the other, meaning that the previous result won’t affect the next one in any way.

3. There Are Foolproof Roulette Software You Can Use To Win

It is perhaps the most ludicrous claim of all! All you have to do is run a cursory search online to find an endless list of sites offering you software that’s guaranteed to help you win. You have to pay for some of these, but the vast majority you can get for free! What’s more, many of these “programs” come with a list of websites where they’re “sure” to work. Don’t be deceived! All of this is often an elaborate marketing scheme by some casinos to reel you in! At best, these programs are usually nothing more than the computerized versions of betting systems like the Martingale, the Fibonacci, and so on. Please do not mistake trusting these programs as they might be dangerous.

4. Bettors Get Banned If They Win Too Much

Yet another popular belief is that if you “win too much,” online casinos will ban you from their platform. It simply isn’t true. It is because our platform and all the other reputable ones out there will never ban a player just because they were fortunate with a wagering decision!


Avoid the line of thought we pointed out above and watch your roulette gaming experience change for the better!