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Mastering Slot Volatility: Selecting The Perfect Slot Games

Selecting The Perfect Slot Games Blog

Slot games rule the gambling world. Sure, there are more flashy, more en-vogue games than the slots. Games like blackjack and poker are likelier to feature on gambling advertisement billboards than the good, old slot machines. Others, like baccarat, are adored for their association with idolized characters in popular media. An example is 007’s charming fondness for baccarat in movies like GoldenEye and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But these casino titles are mainly for the big aficionados of casino nightlife, and those are just a handful of people. Sit any successful casino owner down, and they’ll admit that their business could never have survived without the one-armed bandit. Even the most hardcore gamblers secretly love the slots! They are a nice break from challenging games to indulge in the easygoing fun that only slot games can provide.

But Slot Machines Are Not Created Equal…

When most people are initiated to gambling, the slots are the first game they try as amateurs. At this point, they may enjoy their time at any machine, as long as it has a lever to pull and shows spinning reels. However, when they get to grips with the whole concept, they inevitably grow more discerning of the machines they spend their money on. They soon realize some crucial factors include RTP (Return to Player), minimum bets, maximum payouts, and more. Nonetheless, volatility is one of the most influential factors that set slot machines apart. Slot volatility has a palpable effect on the likelihood of winning at slots, whether online or at a traditional slot machine. This is a WeWin brief to help punters, whether newbies or old heads, understand the concept of volatility and its impact on slot games‘ profitability.

What’s Slot Volatility

Volatility on a slot machine indicates how often a slot machine produces wins and how big those wins are. Most analysts break down volatility into three main categories:

  • Low Volatility
  • Medium Volatility
  • High Volatility

Others add sub-categories like Medium-Low Volatility and Medium-High Volatility, but that’s not important now. What every slot player should understand is that it’s vital that choosing the suitable machine has a significant impact on how well they can achieve their slot gaming goals.

High Volatility Machines

This machine produces big prizes. These are mouthwatering wins that might get you featured on prime-time news as the next millionaire. There’s a caveat, however. A high-volatility machine does not produce wins often. Machines like these are for players blessed with exceptional patience and mental fortitude. A player like that can go on a losing streak stretching into hundreds of spins and still retain hope of clinching the big prize.

Low Volatility Machines

If you’re not tolerant, if you’re the kind who is likely to ditch the casino because of a 10-game losing streak, make low-volatility machines your friend. A machine like this keeps churning out wins regularly, keeping players’ spirits up. Nonetheless, since life is all about balance, these machines rarely trigger a win worth writing about. Instead, the screen lights up regularly with small victories, ensuring small doses of dopamine that keep the punter happily pulling the lever. Low-volatility machines are for players who aim to have fun at the casino rather than aspiring to win any life-changing sum of money.

Medium Volatility Machines

A medium-volatility machine is a cross between the other two types discussed above. This machine produces wins often, but only sometimes. It can have a huge win but something sensational is needed. If you’re a player who can keep a cool head but are not ice-cold personality-wise, then a medium-volatility machine is just your option. That’s it, then! Just pick the machine flavor that suits you and party on.

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