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Decoding Betting Odds: Exploring Decimal, Fractional And American Formats

Decoding Betting Odds Blog

Here at WeWin, we understand that the influx of foreign and offshore sports betting sites catering to Malaysians can present punters with unfamiliar betting odds and line formats. Getting to grips with American, decimal, and fractional odds is critical to unlocking the best value prices and accurately calculating potential payouts when wagering on soccer, basketball, MMA, and other global sporting events. This guide will demystify these standard and odd betting conventions for Malaysian bettors.

Decimal Odds

Also referred to as European odds, decimal lines at WeWin represent the total payout on a $1 wager, including returning your $1 stake. Some examples:

1.95 = A $1 bet returns a total payout of $1.95

2.80 = A $1 bet returns a total payout of $2.80

4.33 = A $1 bet returns a total payout of $4.33

With decimal odds, the larger the number, the higher the underdog’s implied probability by the oddsmakers. Favorites have odds closer to even money, like 1.30 or 1.40 in decimals. These are the most straightforward ways to calculate potential payouts without pen and paper. Decimal odds prevail on most Asian betting sites.

Fractional Odds

Deriving from historical UK bookmakers, fractional odds represent potential profits against each unit wagered rather than the combined payout. Examples:

5/2 = Potential profit of 5 units for every 2 units bet

15/8 = Potential profit of 15 units for every 8 units bet

11/8 = Potential profit of 11 units for every 8 units bet

You add the profit figure and the originals to the total payout on fractions taken. Lower denominator fractions indicate favorites, while those with higher 2nd numbers are more significant underdogs. Fractional odds still permeate betting sites originating from the British sphere of influence.

American Moneyline Odds

Whereas most countries denote favorites/underdogs based on betting odds size, American money lines mark favorites with unfavorable odds, and positive numbers indicate underdogs. Examples:

Yankees -175 vs Red Sox +150

Celtics -120 vs Lakers +110

A -175 MLB line means you need to bet $175 to profit $100, plus receive your $175 stake back. +150 means a $100 bet profits $150. Crossing the 0 barriers, the distinction flips – optimistic underdogs, negative chalk. Standard across US-facing sportsbooks.

Converting Between Formats

Understanding conversions facilitates shopping for the best prices across multiple sports betting sites, each posting odds in native formats.

Decimal to Fractional:

Subtract 1 from the decimal, multiply by stake, and add the stake back:

1.95 decimal = (1.95 – 1) x 1 unit stake = 0.95 profit + 1 original unit = 19/20 fractional

Fractional to Decimal:

Divide the profit figure by the stake figure and add 1:

13/8 fractions = 13/8 = 1.625 + 1 = 2.625 decimal

Either to American Moneyline:

Divide 100 by the decimal number and multiply by -100 for favorites or +100 for underdogs to convert accurately both ways. Getting more comfortable interpreting odds formats prevalent in foreign sportsbooks removes what seems like gibberish to novice bettors. Fluency enables punters to extract maximum value when wagering their hard-earned ringgit.


While getting familiar with less familiar decimal and fractional odds takes effort for Malaysians accustomed to more straightforward win-loss wagering with local bookies, the upside in enhanced betting opportunities and value provided by sports betting blog like WeWin makes it worthwhile. Refer to this guide as needed when navigating betting odds formats.