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Wewin Badminton Weekly EP11

Wewin Badminton Weekly EP11 Blog

Greetings to all our fellow badminton enthusiasts! We’re back with another exciting episode of Wewin Badminton Weekly, where we delve into the latest happenings and insights from the world of badminton. Join us as we recap the highlights and reflect on the significant events covered in Episode 11.

Recap of Episode Content

In this episode, we began by celebrating Malaysia’s impressive performance at the Swiss Open, particularly in the mixed doubles category. Both Malaysian pairs, Chen Tang Jie-Toh Ee Wei and Goh Soon Huat-Shevon Lai Jemie, showcased exceptional skills, securing their spots in the finals. Ultimately, it was a historic moment as Goh and Shevon emerged as champions, marking Malaysia’s first victory in the Swiss Open mixed doubles category in nearly seven decades.

However, amidst the triumphs, we also addressed the challenges faced by Malaysian Men’s Singles player, Lee Zii Jia. Dealing with a foot injury, Zii Jia’s journey has encountered a hurdle, raising concerns about his participation in future tournaments. Nevertheless, his determination to recover and continue pursuing his Olympic dreams remains unwavering.


The latest episode provided a mix of jubilant victories and sobering setbacks, underscoring the dynamic nature of competitive sports. It reminds us of the resilience required to navigate both triumphs and tribulations in the pursuit of excellence.

Looking Ahead

As we bid farewell to Episode 11, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming MADRID SPAIN MASTERS 2024 BY IBERDROLA. With a formidable Malaysian lineup set to compete, including Ng Tze Yong and Leong Jun Hao, along with promising doubles teams, we anticipate another thrilling display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the world of badminton in our next episode of Wewin Badminton Weekly!


Join us as we continue to celebrate the triumphs, navigate the challenges, and explore the captivating world of badminton in each episode of Wewin Badminton Weekly. Until next time, keep smashing!