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Selecting The Best Slot Games: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting The Best Slot Games Blog

You walk into the casino for the first time and feel a lucky little today, but you don’t know much about gambling, so you choose to play slots because that is the most accessible and straightforward game here. However, it’s more complicated. It will show you how to find suitable slot games.

The Best Online Slots Games To Play

To choose the best slot games, you need more than guessing. The best slot games must have a combination of volatility, return to player, limits, and bonuses. You must know the payback percentage and stakes every time you play slots. The best strategy in places is to pick the right niche and play only the money you are confident in losing. Let’s look at key factors that will help you choose a suitable slot game.


Each slot game has volatility. The difference is that you have low and high volatility games, but what does it mean, and where to find which game has high or low volatility? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • High Volatility is when you rarely have won, but it will be a bigger reward when you do manage to hit them.
  • On the other hand, low volatility gives you more wins but a much smaller prize when you win.

You can find games’ volatility by typing the following in Google: [game name] + volatility.

Return To Player

Return to player is how much each game gives back to the player. It would help if you aimed for the games with 92%-97% RTP. These are usually not the games you would find on online casinos’ 1st pages; they are generally by some underdog programmer. The more extensive programmer is, the smaller the RTP is. You can also find games RTP by typing the following in Google: [game name] + RTP.

Types Of Slots You Should Avoid

We are not necessarily saying you should play them, but they are not as good as the other slot games.

Progressive Slots

As a rookie in casino slots, you may try the progressive slots, but what are they, and why would you want to avoid these, maybe? Progressive slots have one game mechanic that makes them unique: every time you press the spin button, the jackpot increases, but why is that bad? That isn’t nice because progressive slots have lower-than-average return rates. It would help if you avoided these slots.

Branded Slots

Branded slots are slots that have pictures instead of fruits or similar objects. These pictures are usually superheroes, movie characters, or just famous people. These slots are generally for new and inexperienced players, and you should avoid them. Why would you avoid them, you might ask? Well, makers of slot games pay a reasonable amount for the right to use those pictures. Sometimes millions are spent on labels and production houses, so they must make their money back. That means these games will usually have low volatility with a low RTP percentage.

Tip On Bet Size

They set up every slot machine so that bets are proportional. Don’t expect to become a multi-millionaire if you are playing a $0.01 chance. Jackpots and higher bonuses are for people playing max bets. Of course, we are not encouraging you to gamble more than you feel comfortable with. Having reasonable expectations when playing on a lower budget would be best.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t think you will be a millionaire gambling; this is to increase your odds of winning. After all, this is gambling we are talking about; there is no right or wrong way to play. And remember, no matter what game you choose, always enjoy yourself and have fun.