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Promoting Responsible Gambling

Promoting Responsible Gambling Blog

Many people repeatedly tell us how important it is to practice responsible gambling, but few consider why. Here are the main reasons we must exercise control and restraint while participating in this popular hobby.

For Financial Health

Irresponsible gambling equates to problem gambling, and the first problem it creates in the gambler’s life is financial issues. Problem gamblers often bet all their money away, leaving them bankrupt and unable to afford life’s necessities. A person who can not meet expenses for rent, food, utilities, etc., especially when never lacking before, suddenly finds themselves in a very unfamiliar and unwelcome situation. It directly leads to physical suffering. Financial complications can precipitate other problems, just like what’s below. Therefore, responsible gambling is a must for a gambler to avoid falling into financial predicaments.

For Social Health

Problem gambling begins with financial trouble. People with a robust support system around them, such as friends and family to help, may be able to avoid what follows. However, others were never social or became isolated by those they held close to once; they showed signs of gambling addiction. With no one to hold their hand, it becomes easy for such people to turn to vice – even going as far as committing robberies – to keep their heads above water. Because society won’t accept a person who steals, that instantly becomes a social dilemma. Responsible gambling, on the other hand, ensures the player can enjoy his hobby without becoming a social pariah. That’s because people are more likely to trust someone who seems in control of their affairs.

For Mental Health

Problem gambling is associated with addiction, and anything addictive can give rise to stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other mental issues. For most irresponsible gamblers, placing bets and anticipating wins – which are never guaranteed – becomes a matter of life and death. On the other hand, responsible gambling ensures the punter remains firmly in the saddle of his affairs at the casino. Good gamblers don’t gamble compulsively. They know that they are not after their hobby, and this ensures that the reins are always in their hands. More importantly, it allows them to enjoy playing to the maximum, knowing they can step away and back in at any moment they, please.

For Industry Sustainability

Online or otherwise, gambling is quickly becoming one of the most critical industries in the world. Forget about the entertainment value of gambling for a moment. Gambling enterprises all around the world have created employment opportunities either directly:

  • Casino attendants
  • Croupiers
  • Table dealers/operators
  • Writers
  • Count room attendants
  • Guest service representatives, etc.

Or Indirectly through related industries like:

  • Hospitality: chefs, servers, hotel and restaurant managers, porters, DJs, etc.
  • Tourism: travel agents, marketers, flight attendants, tour guides, valets,

Thanks to this hobby, countless people have jobs and can earn a livelihood, and many governments can collect millions in revenue through tax. However, responsible gambling is crucial for the online gambling industry to remain sustainable. Problem gamblers often go bankrupt or develop other problems that make it impossible to return to casinos. Only responsible gamblers can remain patrons of casinos for consistent amounts of time, providing the revenue necessary to keep casinos running.

Responsible Gambling Checklist

Below are several things a punter can do to help them stay in control:

  • Set a strict budget
  • Set strict time limits
  • Understand the games and their rules
  • Take breaks in between intense gambling sessions and hydrate
  • Keep a clear mind while gambling by avoiding heavy substance use
  • Don’t chase losses
  • Seek help, if need be